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The Kids Gym aims to encourage EVERY child regardless of their ability, to be active and embrace exercise and fitness as a lifestyle option.

The Kids Gym offers to children what is otherwise only offered to adults by a variety of suppliers – the opportunity to exercise as and when it suits them in a sophisticated & technologically advanced venue. The Kids Gym caters for kids between 18 months & 15 years old.

At The Kids Gym, children will enjoy fun-filled and life enhancing activities that underpin a healthy and functional life.
The Kids Gym offer’s a non-competitive, non-judgemental environment for ALL kids to find their “zone”.

All sessions are under the supervision/instruction of trainers who deliver age appropriate programmes so that the important physical stepping stones are developed. Our staff are trained to be role models with strong values and have the skills to execute our programs ensuring that the children are kept excited, motivated and safe.

We aim to nurture not only physical literacy, but also emotional development.

The Kids Gym will provide turn-key holistic services in support of the overall wellness and development of every child whether they have special needs or special talents.

Finally a place for kids to get fit and have fun.

We Believe in the Benefits of Fitness

  • The Kids Gym is a fun way to get fit.

  • Exercise helps maintain a healthy body weight.

  • Regular exercise help build healthy muscles and bones.

  • Exercise helps improve physical literacy.

  • Children who exercise are more likely to do better academically.

  • Exercise improves the quality and quantity of sleep.

  • Kids who exercise are more likely to be active adults.

  • Kids who exercise have a better self-image.

  • Active children have a better all round health.

  • Aerobic activities stimulate brain development.

  • Increased physical activity can contribute to emotional stability.

  • Physical activity improves concentration and focus.

Who Are We?

The Kids Gym – Putting Kids First

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